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Tips on How to Load Our Containers  (Printer Friendly Version)

The following is a guideline to assist you in loading our containers efficiently. Efficient loading will save you from having to rent more containers than is required.

One thing to keep in mind while you are loading, is to leave a space at the top for large flat items such as a box spring mattress. You could also leave space at the end for such items. The "end" being the door end.

Loading Diagram 1 1.  Sofa first facing wall. (unless it can stand up) Remove cushions. If there is a skirt attatched to the bottom of the sofa, tape it up to keep the skirt off the ground.

Place love seat inside sofa with all four legs against the wall.

Loading Diagram 2 2.  Coffee table on top of love seat.

Tall dresser or long dresser with mirror against the back wall.

Boxes and light boxes on top. Remember to leave some space up top for items such as a box spring mattress.

Loading Diagram 3 3.  End tables and night tables stacked on top of each other.

Stack some boxes or chairs on top of the night and end tables.

Loading Diagram 4 4.  Remove legs or pedastal from dining room table and lean up against the side wall.

Add another dresser, TV and some boxes.

Loading Diagram 5 5.  Box spring or large flat items on the very top.

Miscellaneous items to fill in spaces on the top.

Mattress and head board across the front.

You're all Done! You're all Done! 6.  When you are finished loading, lock up your container and give us a call to have your container (s) picked up and stored.

You're all done!

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