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Storage Rental Agreement for Mobile Mini Storage

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For your convienence, you can print a PDF formatted Rental Agreement, fill it in, sign it and then fax the agreement to our office @ 604-585-9655.


The rent for the storage unit is $ ___ per month payable in advance on the ___ day of each month and delivered to the Landlord at #304 - 19100 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada, V3Y 0E2. No rent refunds will be granted on any partial month. A further payment of $10.00 must be made by the tenant if the rent is not paid on or before the first day of the month, and an additional $15.00 will be added if not paid by the tenth (10) of the month, if the Tenant's cheque is returned to the Landlord for any reason, there will be a $25.00 charge + late charges.


The Landlord acknowledges receipt from the Tenant of $ ___ for the rental from ___ to ___ and it is agreed that no refund will be granted.


This lease shall run for the period covered by the initial payment and from month to month thereafter and shall terminate on the last day of the month for which a rental payment has been paid if no prepayment is paid for the next succeeding month. The Tenant may terminate this lease by giving written notice of his intention to terminate to the Landlord at least twenty (20) days before the next rental payment is due. The Landlord may terminate this lease by at least twenty (20) days written notice to the Tenant. The Landlord may also terminate the lease with out notice to the Tenant if the Tenant is in breach of any of the terms of this agreement.


The Tenant shall not assign this lease or the unit or any part thereof, nor sublet the unit or part thereof, without written consent of the Landlord in advance.


The Tenant shall not store in the unit any food, explosives, highly inflammable material or dangerous; or noxious substance animal, noise creating chattels etc. The Tenant agrees that no business will be conducted on or from the unit without the written permission of the Landlord and that no item will be stored in the unit which would violate any law or ordinance now or hereafter in force or which will violate the provisions of the insurance policy on the building or result in any increase of the Landlord's operating costs.


The Tenant must give 3 business days notice before accessing unit. Access to the unit will be granted "only" to the contracted Tenant. The Tenant's account must be current or paid in full to date of access.


The Tenant agrees that the Landlord is not any way the bailee of any property which the Tenant may place in the storage unit. Any property in and about the unit is at the risk of the Tenant and the Landlord shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of such property and the Tenant agrees to save the Landlord harmless from any claims of any person for any damage to such property. The Tenant acknowledges that the Landlord provides no insurance coverage for any property of the Tenant. Please view Tenant Storage Insurance. The Landlord shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of or damage to the property of the Tenant, whether such loss is attributable to the negligent acts or omissions of the Landlord or its agents and no matter what the cause of such loss or damage, including fire, explosion, water, wind, theft, loss of heat, excessive heat, or any other cause whatsoever.


No billings or statements are sent to you. If your payment is ten (10) days overdue, you will receive a phone call; twenty (20) days overdue, you will receive a letter; thirty (30) days overdue, your account will be placed with a Bailiff; forty-four (44) days overdue, all goods will be auctioned off under a Bailiff's supervision. IF ANY ACCOUNT IS CONSISTENTLY LATE, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THREE (3) MONTHS IN ADVANCE IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN A TENANT. All specials that were offered are canceled if this contract is broken in any way. These steps are at the Landlord's discretion.


The Tenant agrees that if the Tenant fails to pay the rent when due or to vacate the unit promptly upon the expiration of this lease, that the Landlord shall have the right to:
(a) Dispose of the contents by public and private sale, upon such terms and conditions as are reasonable, and offer ten (10) days written notice to the Tenant that the Landlord has taken possession of such contents and intends to dispose of them; and
(b) Apply the proceeds of the sale of the contents firstly to the cost of such sale, secondly to the payment for any amount due from the Tenant to the Landlord under the terms of this lease, and any excess will be deposited in the Landlord's trust account. The Landlord will then notify the Tenant of such excess and will thereafter hold the excess for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of giving of the notice. If the Tenant shall demand the excess and give the Landlord a receipt therefore, the excess funds shall be released to the Tenant but failure of the Tenant to demand such excess or to provide a receipt for the funds within the ninety (90) day period shall terminate the trust and the Landlord shall be entitled to retain the excess funds.


If the Landlord suffers or incurs any damage, loss or expense or is obliged to make payment for which the Tenant is liable hereunder by reason of the failure of the Tenant to observe and comply with any of the terms of this lease including reasonable solicitors fees where it shall be necessary for the Landlord to obtain the services of a solicitor for the purposes of collecting rent in arrears or enforcing the performance of any of the terms of this agreement then the Landlord shall have the right to add the cost or amount of any such damage, loss, expense or payment to the rental, any such amount shall immediately become due and payable and any such amount or cost, that is unpaid, shall bear interest at the rate of twenty-four (24) percent per annum.


Any notice required to be given to the Tenant shall be sent by ordinary mail to the address set forth below or to such other address as the Tenant shall advise the Landlord and any notice to the Landlord shall be sent by ordinary mail to the address as the Landlord may notify the Tenant. Any notices sent will be deemed to have been received by the other party three (3) business days after they were sent unless there is a postal strike or stoppage, in which case it will be necessary to deliver a notice.


No terms of this lease may be altered and no conditions shall be waived except by written agreement.


When units are delivered, please do not move them for any such reason or a fine of $50.00 per container will be charged to the Tenant. The Tenant agrees that the Landlord is not in any way liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of or damage to the units or the contents in the units, off the premises of

The units are only left for a period of seventeen (17) hours after the initial delivery time. A charge of $50.00 per container, per day will be charged to the Tenant if the units are not ready at that time.